Remembering Michael Reis2.10.2014 | 1:15 pm | Posted by John Kilfoyle

Michael Reis

It is with great sadness that we reflect on the sudden passing of our dear friend Michael Reis, Editor/Associate Publisher of Stone World magazine.

“Michael was a force of good within the stone industry,” my father Tom Kilfoyle recalls. “He was so widely respected throughout the international community of fabricators, as well as importers and machine manufacturers. Everyone loved him”.

Michael was a friendly face at every trade show, workshop. and educational seminar that I was ever a part of. When I was just getting started in the stone business in 2007 at the age of twenty, it was comforting to know that on the vast trade show floor, there was always that one person who you could have a spirited conversation with, who would enthusiastically introduce you to someone you didn’t yet know, or who would steer you towards the booth with the newest CNC technology to check out.

Stone World┬áMagazine has grown so much since I first met Michael. Along with Publisher Alex Bachrach and Managing Editor Jennifer Adams, they created a magazine that united an international industry with compelling insight into the global struggles and triumphs of our industry. Michael was instrumental in connecting domestic fabricators with international information which showed us all that there was a light at the end of the tunnel during our deep recession. He was the beacon of optimism for many in our industry. He was a tireless champion for the fabricators who did business “the right way”.

When Alex and Michael traveled to Boston in the summer of 2011, we opened our doors to them for a Fabricator Case Study, which was published in September of 2011. We had so much fun recalling the history of our company, the history of friendship between Tom, Alex, and Michael, and all of the memories made together as we traveled the world together on a single mission of working side by side with the best people in the industry.

Michael made a profound impact on our industry and he will be greatly missed.