B/A/D Talks: Managing Large Residential Projects10.3.2013 | 9:48 am | Posted by Brianna Mannion

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Thursday, September 26th at the Boston Design Center, United Marble and Kochman Reidt + Haigh hosted “Managing Large Residential Projects”, the very first topic of the new B/A/D Talks quarterly discussion series. The mission of the talk series is to connect all members of the design industry- Builders, Architects, and Designers – to create a platform to address topics that affect us all on a daily basis.

The first topic offered much discussion and insight for both the audience and panelists, comprised of Moderator Kyle Hoepner, Editor in Chief at New England Home, Adolfo Perez of Adolfo Perez Architect, Manuel de Santaren of MDS Inc, and Jim Youngblood of Youngblood Builders.

The subject central to this discussion was “How can we as design professionals make this process simpler for the client and ourselves?”  Kyle Hoepner guided the conversation effortlessly over the course of the evening and encouraged questions and commentary from the audience.  In response to the question of “What makes a project successful?”, Adolfo Perez’s insight to the importance of a strong team that communicates diligently with one another proved to be a common strategy amongst the panel and design professionals attending, and is an important factor in the success of a project.

We all look forward to another engaging and informative B/A/D talk in January, hope to see you there! For more information on the series and how to RSVP for the next talk please visit badtalks.com.



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