Who Says Marble Can’t Be Fun?8.20.2012 | 5:08 pm

Blog 5 - Murdick's 3

One of my favorite places to visit in the summertime is Martha’s Vineyard. The ferry ride on the Island Queen, a few slices of pizza at Giordano’s, and venturing down Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs are all part of my routine.

Murdick’s Fudge has been serving the same homemade fudge and sweets on the Vineyard since 1887. I was privileged enough to watch the artisans craft their homemade fudge the other day, and their process is fascinating!

All of the ingredients are first mixed and melted inside of a giant copper cauldron before they are poured onto a 3” thick Imperial Danby marble tabletop. The melted contents are contained by a stainless steel rectangular frame until the marble tabletop has absorbed enough heat for the fudge to begin solidifying.

The fudge making process requires constant attention, as the artisans work non-stop to shape the liquid fudge into the final loaf by pushing all of the cooling chocolate to the middle of the tabletop. Once the loaf is completely shaped and cooled it is cut into half pound slices and sold to the eager tourists and locals alike!

We enjoy the fact that marble can bring such joy to families through such an exciting process. Next time you visit Martha’s Vineyard, make sure to stop in to Murdick’s Fudge and watch the process unfold!


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