Discovering the Beauty of Quartzite3.7.2013 | 2:15 pm

Luce di Luna

Allow us to introduce you to the latest and greatest in the stone world – Quartzite!

Quartzite is a dense and hard metamorphic rock that began its glamorous life as a sandstone. Through some intense heat and pressure, the quartz grains and the quartz silica cement in the sandstone fused together and transformed into what we now call Quartzite. Because of its sandstone origins, Quartzite is known for beautiful sweeping movement, exquisite color values and fluid appearance.

As consumer education has greatly improved throughout our industry, we now know that many of the most highly sought granite materials – Van Gogh, Azul Macoubas, and Luce di Luna, among others – are actually Quartzite. Quartzite material is ideal for those who value the beauty of marble but not the upkeep and maintenance. Similar in behavior to granite, Quartzite is porous and should be sealed yearly, but the material is very hard and resists scratching.

Take a peek below at the photos of stunning Quartzite material. We encourage you stop by United Marble Fabricators – The Gallery at Suite 322 of the Boston Design Center to see some of this fabulous material up close in person!