What Are Shop Drawings and Why Do You Need Them?2.6.2018 | 2:47 pm | Posted by Jessica Brideau

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“What are shop drawings?”

“Why do I need them?”

Shop drawings are a set of plans we use to elaborate on the details of the construction documents that we then use to fabricate stone and tile materials into the finished product.

Shop drawings help to provide clear communication between the architect or designer, the contractor, and United Marble. We take all of the information from the construction documents, along with as-built field dimensions, plus the design intent and create a drawing that outlines how everything will be fabricated and installed. The information in the drawing includes: type of material (including thickness and finish), edge details, overall dimensions, plan views, elevations, sections, and mounting and installation specifications. Once these drawings are approved, the fabrication process can begin and production can flow seamlessly without having to stop and confirm any missing details or dimensions.

In the world of custom built homes, shop drawings are very important in ensuring that every detail is correct. From unique countertop edge profiles to stone moldings and custom fireplace mantels and surrounds, each dimension, reveal, curve, and finish must be determined before production can begin.

Many details can be extremely complicated to engineer in natural stone, and we need to make sure all of the information is accurate so we can ensure an installation that is built well. Working all the details out in the shop drawing process is the only way to ensure everything has been thought through and is able to be fabricated effectively to make the homeowner’s and designer’s ideas come to life.

While it might feel time consuming or unnecessary, or feel like overkill, by putting in the time and effort up front to produce, review, and modify the shop drawings, costly mistakes can be avoided.