In the Neighborhood: Technology Trends in the Innovation District10.10.2013 | 11:10 am | Posted by Brianna Mannion

Innovation District

As a kick off for the DxB 2013 Breakfast Roundtable, Brittney Herrera, Senior Interior Designer at Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, discussed “Office Trends: Technology Tenants in the Innovation District”, expanding upon design trends that are helping define and develop the former Seaport area of Boston. The Innovation District is Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s initiative to transform 1,000 acres of the South Boston waterfront into an urban environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

“A new approach is called for on the waterfront – one that is both more deliberate and more experimental. The massive expanse of the South Boston waterfront, with its existing knowledge base, opportunity for growth, and world-class infrastructure is ripe to produce world-class products and services.” – Mayor Thomas M. Menino

With this new environment for tech companies, artist studios, textile showrooms, and local restaurants comes a different design approach that accommodates a more collaborative environment and supports creativity and development. Incorporating “Huddle Nooks” in offices creates those interesting backdrops for sharing ideas in a relaxed environment, pulling people away from their desks and engaging them to collaborate successfully in a comfortable space. Another emerging design trend of utilizing movable wall panels and bench-style work stations releases employees from the confines of a cubical and allows for fluid conversation and movement of light and air through the workplace.

These and other trends are defining a new generation of office life, evolving the 9-5 atmosphere into one of comfort and customization. We at United Marble are excited to be a part of the new design hub of Boston with The Gallery, Suite 322 at the Boston Design Center, and we look forward to all of the development and growth to come in our neighborhood!