A Modern Take on an Ancient Material8.23.2013 | 10:05 am


Something inspiring us here at United Marble is this timeless and sophisticated kitchen design posted by Aletta Francia on tonlok.com.  This kitchen uses a neutral palette to accomplish a dramatic and modern backdrop for cooking and entertaining.  The strong use of stone creates a cohesive space and showcases the flexibility of the material. The polished Grigio Carnico Marble island and countertop create a striking focal point with the rich natural color variation and veining found in the material.

The walls are made with a honed circular mosaic, which is used to create an interesting texture as well as allow natural light to diffuse softly through the space.  Recessed shelving is built in seamlessly and engages the elements of the kitchen while allowing easy access to everyday items.  Slate tiling has been used on the floor here and is a wonderful option for high traffic rooms because it is slip resistant, easy to clean, and highly resilient. This kitchen uses classical design elements and timeless materiality with a modern twist, ensuring a space that will last the test of time and only improve with use.